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Here is my current situation: I have 2 TVs (Samsung and LG), each with its IPTV subscription (not the greatest but it’s ok) and each TV has its own box ( MAG254 + mi-box). I’m trying to see if the box choice might help improve the experience a bit, thought I think the performance of the channels is very related to the subscriptions quality themselves,


So, I bought a used Nvidia Model: P2897. I understand that it’s ranked high compared to other boxes. I do not have a remote for it though. I’m thinking to replace the MAG254 to see if there is a difference.


1- What do I need to do to install the Nvidia, should I first touch base with the IPTV seller to let him know that I’m a replacing the box, so he can give me some indications or some links?

2- Anyone has a link to a video that shows how to install the Nvidia box? I have no clue where to start!

3- If I buy a used Nvidia remote, will it be compatible with the box, do I need somehow to program it to make it work?




PS: please note that I’m not expert in all this hard/software TV world, just trying to read and learn and get the optimal solution to watch foreign TV channels from time to time …

Update: I ended up buying an original Nvidia remote (second hand), used a mouse/USB dongle to get to the pairing menu, paired the remote and was able to use the box normally with the remote. Next, I will have to compare the performance of the shield/Mag/mi-box.

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