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So I’ve just recently learned about IPTV as a whole about a month ago as I have a relative that’s been using it for a while now. I noticed just how better it is compared to paying for standard cable so I decided to use the same service they do. However, there is this certain channel which is the main one I use which always seems to have issues around the afternoon. Some days it’ll buffer while other days the visuals and the audio will be completely different with one being fast forwarded and the other delayed, as expressed in the title. This only seems to happen on certain times as other times it will run smoothly*. As previously mentioned, I’m still quite new to this and I’ve tried running speed tests and trying new IPTV apps on my Firestick and nothing seems to work, only thing I’m thinking it could be at this point is my provider.

*I realized this only seems to happen on that channel for my area done I’ve tried that same channel but from different regions and all seem to work. Still not sure how this could affect anything though.

TL;DR: Just got into IPTV and noticed the main channel I watch has issues around the afternoon time. Is there a way to fix this?

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