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Hi guys, not even sure if it’d be possible to reduce the delay I’m getting in my scenario.

Basically, I used to play either Steam or Xbox One games via remote play with their apps and the gamepad responds pretty quick to the input.

I was thinking in doing something similar without the need of a computer (+ capture card, + streaming software) and a friend gave me the following HDMI video encoder:

* **TBS2603 H264 H265 HDMI Video Encoder**

I’ve been using the different protocols the tool has: HTTP, RTSP, Unicast, Multicast, RTMP (this one I’ve not been able to see it working yet, I was using VLC player for the streaming and it just errors).

The issue is that with this setup it seems there’s a delay of like 1 second between the commands on the gamepad until they appear on the screen. This improved after removing an option in VLC for caching the content.

The main settings I have and the device provide are the following. Could you pls suggest any other changes I could try to see if the delay improves and reduces to a playable amount?

And do you know any other player other than VLC that could be good with these streaming protocols, and if possible that supports RTMP as well to see if that one is any better?

Thank you!


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