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We would like to ask everyone to read the rules plain and simple. then we ask that you FOLLOW the rules. Yes Beats is done Because of legal issues. Now get over it. Whoever they direct biz too will likely be done too because no one can keep their mouth shut. And there are a LOT of great iptvs out there, but you need to ask your friends NOT here cuz too many authorities and lawyers read this sub. Laws are changing and you will see a lot of people targeted or getting out, maybe.
The rules are to protect resellers and providers. You won’t find recommendations here, you’re likely to end up with a bunch of shitty people tryna to scam you By PM. of course we are disappointed that the game has changed but it has, and this sub will be for general info about apps and devices and nothing more. Don’t solicit business or ask recommendations here to protect the players still left in the game. You may not like this, but we are just trying to keep everyone hidden. Don’t name providers in here that are still standing. Merry Xmas and stay safe out there

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