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Hi All,

I’m finally getting into Reddit and it’s been amazing so far. I’ve tried everywhere to find an answer to this problem, so I’m hoping that someone here has some advice:

I would say upwards of 50% of the time that I try to stream my IPTV m3u link from my Web Video Caster app, it doesn’t work in one of the following ways:

1. You click and it just looks like it’s loading on the phone, but never on the tv, then goes back to the list with no effect.
2. It starts loading on both the tv and the phone and then Oops with a 4400 error code saying “Please make sure the video plays inside the web browser,” which doesn’t make a ton of sense. I even tried pasting the link in the browser portion of the app and of course that didn’t work.

It says I might need to route through the phone, but that doesn’t change anything.

It works perfectly fine on VLC (except for when there are connection issues), so it must be an issue with the app, right? Any help would be SUPER appreciated.

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