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A year ago i purchased Roku since on my provider home page back then i think it was streamsflix mentioned that they support Roku so i bought one online and 7 days later it arrived and it was the big surprise that Roku removed all iptv players from its store ! so lost the money of the Roku and kept it hidden and bought a firestick !

The firestick is working gr8 on smarters iptv app but now i have another tv , i want to buy anther iptv sub ( since my current plan only support 1 device ) but since i still have this ROKU i bought a year ago am wondering if i can put it back to use , this way i will save some money on purchasing another firestick .

So is there an app for iptv on Roku now ? am not an expert , so if there is way a simple way from the store to download and run iptv without doing some cracks and uploading files ext,, please let me know.

Am familiar with smarters iptv so if it is possible that will be gr8 but it can be another user friendly app

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