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I have three providers and two work completely fine on Tivimate (firestick) and on Gse Smart player (iOS) and has worked perfectly fine, then I bought my third provider (Citrus Tv) which I must say from the get go has been incredible the host of it all Sir_Jimmy an absolute great guy and incredible service but I think my Wi-fi picked up on the third service (BT-With-Fon) hotel Wi-fi but home based as in have to login but monthly paid Wi-fi, looked into why my EPG wouldn’t download properly, tried everything from factory reset, to clear epg/logo cache data etc. Nothing would work Channels worked fine just Blank epg on UK channels and then after a couple updates I managed to get a few uk like 2 minimum but US entertainment fine, so Sir_Jimmy let me try on his premium IM Player and TorGaurd VPN Account, TinyUrl, different epg link but nothing (great assistance and support tried everything to help).

The only fix I can find is downloading EPG with girlfriends data but not really the most ideal to have to do that everytime.

With VPN not helping. What would be the best possible solution??

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