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In the Email they sent me, they gave me a link to Electronic Program Guide(EPG) URL that ends with xmltv.php?username=… The remainder of the URL is my login info. I tried going there in a web browser and it was a gibberish looking feed that looks a little like XML.

1. Is there a different URL I should be using, to display it correctly?
2. I mostly use it in a Chrome browser. Is there a place I can “navigate” to see the EPG?
3. If those things aren’t possible, I’d be okay with using my phone to see what I want to watch then going to the channel on the web browser. Is there a place for a pretty comprehensive TV guide? Hopefully for both US and UK? []( website only lists around 150 US channels.
4. In the web site, I see big buttons for Series and Movies, but when I click into them it shows nothing. Is it just temporarily down for me? Or is it extra stuff that I need to pay extra for?

Thanks everyone for the help, this is my first time using IPTV.

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