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Hi Guys,

Looking for a little advice here.

I’ve used IPTV services in the past where the provider advised subscribers that if UK based they must use a VPN service to prevent streams from becoming blocked when live football is on. I’ve also had another service where this was not required as the provider had streams running through a VPN.

I have setup my first panel and everything is working well, but I’d now like to integrate a VPN service so that end users do not require a personal VPN subscription.

I’m thinking there may be a couple of ways to do this, but not entirely sure?

**Option 1 (Easy Method)**

* Setup a VPN Server with openVPN on a different server to servers that host my content
* Install openVPN client onto Load Balance servers which host my content
* Login to openVPN client on LB Servers so IP address changes from LB IPv4 address which has streams or VOD content to openVPN server IP address
* Users log in to android app which is hardcoded with the DNS for my MAIN server with broadcast port and select content to stream as usual which will get from LB servers and stream back (but LB servers are routed through openVPN server)

I’m hoping this method works, but not entirely sure as the end user isn’t connecting to a VPN, just watching streams that are running through a VPN server?

**Option 2 (More complex method)**

* Setup a VPN Server with openVPN on a different server to servers that host my content
* Configure custom android app to log into openVPN server when users log into app with a global username and password. App is still hardcoded with the DNS for my MAIN server and broadcast port, but rather this way the IP address of all live connections will be the IP address of my VPN Server and they will be streaming content from my LB Servers.

Can anyone advise if either method will work or the best way to go about implementing this? I’ve got a seperate vpn server running from my MAIN, LB1 and LB2 servers, but just need to determine the best way to join them together now so that the service and end users are best protected?


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