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Which is the better service if I want to stream premier league and champions league football via VPN in the UK?

My primary devices are going to be the Amazon Fire TV stick 4k and my fallback will be streaming via the web browser (chrome on my windows 10 laptop). If I don’t have access to these two then my streaming device will be my iPhone.

My job involves me traveling and having to stay in hotels and the WiFi is usually quite slow and signal strength can vary from hotel to hotel. So I need a service which is fast, won’t buffer frequently, drop frames or have audio glitches.

Additionally, when I’m at home on the weekends I have access to high speed internet so would appreciate a service which can offer me full 1080p streaming or better (4k?) at a high FPS with a high bitrate. I’m not sure which of the two services offer better quality streaming so your advice would be much appreciated.

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